Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Josef Mengele

Bayern, Germany
The Auschwitz doctor prescribed death and experimented horribly in search of Aryan perfection. Dodging Nuremberg, he lived to old age an ironic injustice that still rankles.
Known as ‘The Angel of Death’, Dr. Josef Mengele was the chief doctor at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War.
Mengele was born in March 1911 into a wealthy Bavarian family, with a strict Catholic upbringing.
He studied philosophy in Munich, where he encountered the racial ideology of Alfred Rosenberg.
In 1931, at the age of 20, he joined the Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet), then the SA in 1933, and applied for party membership in 1937. Upon being accepted into the Nazi party, he applied for membership in the SS.
He later studied medicine at the University of Frankfurt, after which he joined the Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene in 1934. It was here that he developed his studies in physical anthropology and genetics.
Prior to his arrival at Auschwitz, he had published significant articles on genetic abnormalities and racial variations in primary features.
His career in academia looking bright, but the war interrupted his progress, and he was placed with reserve medical corps and a Waffen SS unit. Wounded, he was declared unfit for combat, but promoted to captain.
An ardent Nazi, he served as medical officer with the Waffen SS during WW2, and was appointed chief doctor at the Auschwitz concentration camp where Jews were selected either for labour, extermination or medical experimentation.
He became known as the ‘Angel of Death’, in charge of vast numbers of fatal, bizarre and brutal medical experiments which killed over 400 000 victims.
Controversy surrounds the outcomes of such horrific experiments, as their occasionally sophisticated findings have proved of undeniable use, for example, in the development of thinking on hereditary genetics and DNA.
After the war, he escaped, apparently surfacing in South America in 1961, where he met another Nazi, Wolfgang Gerhard, in Brazil.
Recent forensic advances, involving a body exhumed in 1985, suggest that he had assumed Gerhard’s identity upon his death, and was buried under that name.


  1. In fact it is bad to mistreat living beings for a cure, in my professional opinion we should seek cures in other elements, the earth is composed of several elements and I think that devising a way to reach those elements is easier and less expensive than Be sacrificing or injuring every living being. As there are animals and plants in danger of extinction that are used for experiments and for no reason follow the blessed end in mind: It is for our sake not theirs. We should now have new ideas to counteract a disease. The human being has to wake up from the mentality of hurting the rest of living beings, we can not maintain that ignorance of wanting only our good and not others. The world is small but our hearts are great, our intelligent minds to come together to discover the things that remain hidden.

    To summarize is not good the mistreatment of living beings.

    And we can all make the change to stop that abuse

    Since this ecosystem depends on biodiversity to live, it does not depend on medicines and chemicals that only harm our good and change us completely.


    Luis Daniel Cevallos Cedeño

    Ninth year basic education C

    1. For me is not good because you are because you are hurting something or someone who also has the same feelings and needs as everyone because we are all living beings no matter that we are not the same and I do not think it's okay that you hurt someone just to benefit you because you do not know what can happen to that thing or that person doing experiments and you do not know that you can kill him but you do not care because the only thing that You want is your benefit,you have to think before acting and find other solutions to achieve your goal without hurting anyone.
      Ivanna Almeida

  2. In my opinion, I believe that it is not possible to justify so much cruelty that he did only for his medical investigations, neither the people nor the marionette animals to experience something that may not be well causing the loss of life of people and animals that do not Be test tubes. Experiment with the lives of other people only to find the cure for any disease does not have to cost a living, you can find elements elsewhere. We have to take care of ourselves not to kill each other just looking for the satisfaction of someone because we are always looking for what benefits us and we do not think about the consequences that can be catastrophic


    Luisa Bonilla

  3. I think yes, because knowing the research is something very important scientists should sacrifice humans and animals to know new things both dangerous and healthy because if they did not the world would be more harmful for everyone and there would not be many people . To make each of the medicines of today had the doctors to experience the effects of the chemicals in some humans who would suffer any disease to find the cure
    Marcela Turbay

  4. In my opinion i think that he help much in the referent of genetic and DNA but in the other hand he make really bad thinks like killing 400.000 and i think that he can't justify his killing for much that they discover he kill much people they are another forms to investigate a human like make expirement with a dead body in conclusion he make bad things

    ATT -- Ian Olvera--

  5. In my opinion no because he only do medicine only for people cruel not for the inocents so he was a another cruel person, so I think that he was a bad person.
    Gabriel Gaete

  6. In my opinion it is not correct to experiment on humans or animals because both are living things it may give us clues of how to improve health and cure all diseases but experimenting on living things is not right.


    Antonio David

  7. in my opinion it is posible to justify human or animal cruelty to foster medical researches but i do not agree with the idea because if we were in there place we would not like to be treated bad, but in the case that the person or of an animal agrees to be part of the experiment it is good, this way we have a chance to find cures for diseases an to have an advance in tecnhology so we can change the world.
    in summary any idea is good if you have support to do so not making people do what they do not want to do.


    Josephine Flores

  8. I think that research is necessary and experiments are needed but that does not justify the mistreatment that it does to animals and people since the medicine that it was not for all, only for people with money and cruel, in my opinion research Does not justify the abuse he has done ATT Rodrigo Corral

  9. In my opinion, I consider that this man was a very bad person and nothing justifies the experiments I did with numerous humans in the Second World War.
    Using humans as a test object is an abominable activity. This man relentlessly experimented with human beings.
    Att Niah Sanchez

  10. In my opinion I think that is bad becouse any one in the world want to be killed for a invertigacion is like a suicide but, in other hand is good because for that the medice is so advance and he do it for a good but is not a excuce to kill something or some one

    Orly Elizalde

  11. in my opinion, is not justify the cruelty human or animal to foster medical research, because so many life lost in those experiments, for that reason my opinion is against those procedure, like the case of josef mengele who killed thousands of people, making genetical experiments in name of the science, but we saw that it was cruelty like others nazis medicals practitioners.

    Att: Valeria carrera

  12. In my opinion that is very cruel, he was a very bad person, nothing justify the reason why People do that because there is many ways to make experiments without killing humans or animals

    Suleng Lara

  13. Well, i think is bad because you doesn't have to kill people in orther to make investigations with them.

  14. I think it's bad,because there are other ways to do research and discover new things without having to cruelly sacrifice people or animals but, I also think that it was an era without much technology which led scientists to do those things but still , I believe that we must not repeat the mistakes that were made in the past in the present to be better in the future

  15. In my opinion is cruelty because exist many ways to search but it's not neccesary kill animals or people you can use animals or people that are of plastic that are the same and you can practice with that

    Att: Samantha Villon

  16. Well, in my opinion is wrong, it is cruelty what makes mr. Josef Mengele, because what he does is to use animals or people in his experiments, the only thing he does is to use something that has life for a simole experiment, it is very cruelty what makes mr. Josef, apart from being a Nazi, because being one of them or wanting to enter is already cruel, the only thing they do is kill, they do evil, why not just this way can there be other solutions other ways to do it, In this way as does mr. Josef hurt something or someone who thinks the same, who has the same feelings, it is not a justification to be cruel to do their experiments,

  17. I think it was a cruel and bad way, to sacrifice people and animals to discover new things, as the article says were 400 000 lives charged and I really believe that Dr. Jose Mengele could implement other ways of experimenting
    Att: Nadia Cedeño

  18. In my opinion it was wrong what he did, I mean he should not have done that and worse if he was not sure of the results, besides putting at risk the lives of many people who died because of his imprudence.
    I think that he could find other ways to get the result that he wanted without sacrificing the lives of people or animals
    Att: Valeska Portocarrera

  19. In my opinion, it's bad because the doctor show that he was discriminating by the form it is described in the text.
    Also in the nazis they didn't care about jews so they thought they were material for experiments, but that's so wrong, you dont need to sacrifice life's, only for trying making experiments or waiting to have reactions.
    To prove something or test experiments, you need to look a way that it's safe, and care about health of the person and animal that is going to be there, and if the doctor made it with the jews its because the hate to them was so big, so they didn't care, about sacrificing lifes.
    Atte: Daniela Castro
    9th "A"


  20. In my conclusion this man was very bad that he did not feel sorry to do experiments with the humans in the second world war.To prove something or test experiments, you need to look a way. Att:Nadine Pasiche